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Private Labeling for your own products


Our experienced partner is a specialist in commercial bottling of cans, bottles, bags, canisters, greases, emulsions and pasts of every kind.

  • Labeling with all kinds of labels
  • Cardboard packaging; samples, additional products, give-aways, prospects and so on
  • Industrial mass production; 60.000 sprays per day. Semiautomatic filling systems are available for smaller orders



As commercial developer, Chemical Solutions creates new recipes for its clients and revises existing formula. This includes the following services:

  • Basic clarifications with authorities and licensing bodies
  • Production and analysis of laboratory samples
  • Scale-up for industrial mass production based on laboratory samples and formulations
  • Adaptation of the formulas
  • Search for raw material substitutes

We have the following product classes in the product range:

  • Aerosol
  • Products for domestically use
  • Technically products